I was in Vancouver yesterday and my portable French press came with me–of course!  I also found the website for the company–PlanetaryDesign–though the style I have doesn’t seem to be available any more–coffee storage in the bottom.  So how did it perform?  Very well.  It started off with regular coffee and the regular lid–the mug holds almost a full four cup pot, btw–and as you would expect it kept the coffee warm for a good long time.
Later in the afternoon, when I needed a nice pick me up, I pulled out my little reseviour of Rhumba, heated some water, and press-to1!  Coffee!  Usually, I have to say, I’m not a fan of French press coffee black., but this was okay.  Next time I’ll make sure the water is quite hot and add some milk before I put the plunger lid on.
A good travel mug for sure!
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